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Jeff meeting with the people of Rosemount
A letter from Jeff to the people of Apple Valley, Coates & Rosemount

I’ve always had a strong sense of fairness and equality and tried to help “right the wrongs” I saw in life. This sense was never stronger and clearer to me as when the Minnesota state government moved to allow an amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman to be placed on the November, 2012 ballot. Last spring, I testified before our state legislature against passing this amendment. As I testified, I realized this was going to be a tough battle and one I was committed to fighting. My eldest son, CPL Andrew Wilfahrt, was serving as an MP in the United States Army when he was killed by an IED near Kandahar, Afghanistan in February, 2011. The 552nd MP Company 3rd Platoon with whom he served named their combat outpost after him, COP WILFAHRT. Andrew was a great warrior and beloved by his fellow soldiers. He was also an openly gay soldier. I’ve entered this race for the Minnesota State House of Representatives not only to address the inequity and inhumanity of this amendment, but also to address the many inequities we seem to be building into our communities.

Veterans who are lucky enough to come home from Afghanistan or Iraq have an enormous adjustment ahead, the least of which is finding employment. They’re not alone. Our neighbors, friends and relatives have lost their jobs, their homes and their health insurance while being asked to continue to pay a higher percentage in taxes then those more fortunate.

Meanwhile, the majority party in the state legislature wants to use the Minnesota state constitution to infringe on the rights of those they disagree with by using amendments to write law, instead of doing the hard job of working with others to actually legislate and write state law based on a sense of compromise and equity. They’re using the amendment process, which only takes approval from a simple majority of lawmakers, to get on the ballot, as a tool for passing laws that have not had a fair debate before the public.

I believe in a Minnesota for EVERYONE. We can’t accomplish this without an equal educational opportunity for all our children. The kids in our district need to know we are committed to giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential in terms of receiving an education. We can’t continue to divert funds from our school districts in order to say we’ve balanced the state budget. This will surely catch up with us as we squander future valuable resources – our children.

Fighting for an economy that gives everyone a fair chance, righting the inequalities that have been built into our society over the years and ensuring a strong educational system are the reasons I’m running. I ask for your support to help “right the wrongs”. This is No Easy Task. But as the great inventor and entrepreneur Henry Ford once said, “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

Jeff Wilfahrt

Candidate for the Minnesota
House of Representatives

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