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We can offer incentives and tax advantages to help business thrive and hire, but we can’t rely solely on the private sector.  We also need government to invest in rebuilding our infrastructure and creating jobs for and of the future.  Jobs that will move our country forward such as new energy technology and ways of delivering innovative and affordable health care.



Our state constitution cannot become an avenue for infringing on the rights of those we disagree with by legislating through amendments.  It’s a document that protects our rights and is not a vehicle for taking them away. A legislator’s job is to write and pass laws based on an informed sense of the whole community they serve.

Equality means protecting the rights of all our citizens.  It means having a state government that’s accountable to all Minnesotans – regardless of economic status, race, age, gender, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.




Our children, our future, are in debt before they can even become employed.  Affordable higher education has to be a priority.  We need to find ways that will allow students who want to continue their education after high school be able to do so without incurring massive debt.  We need innovative programs between our state high schools and college, universities and vocational training schools for ensuring access to all.

School districts should not be forced to borrow money to make up for educational funds the legislature has deferred to balance the budget.

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