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Education Advisory Meeting Held

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On Wednesday, September 26, 2012, Jeff invited area educators to join him and fellow candidate for the Minnesota Senate, Greg Clausen, at Falcon Ridge Middle School to discuss education issues.

Teachers were asked about testing, teacher evaluation, special education concerns, and how recent funding shifts have affected their classrooms.
Both Jeff and Greg wanted to know what legislative leaders can do to support the education of our district’s children.

Jeff stated, “This is not meant to be a one-time listening session. When I’m elected, meetings like this will be part of my regular schedule as a state legislator.”

Special Guests at Campaign Door Knock Events

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On Saturday, October 13th, Senator Al Franken visited campaign offices in Eagan, MN to kick off door knocking events for Senate District 57 candidates.

Then, on Wednesday, October 17th, the district was honored with a visit from Governor Mark Dayton.

Both the Senator and the Governor thanked Jeff for his courage to run after a tough personal year for him and his wife, Lori.

Invitation to our teachers

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Teachers and education funding have been taking a beating!

Legislative decisions need to be made with the ultimate goal in mind: well educated children.  This end requires collaboration with you, the educators.  Every related discussion in the House and Senate should begin by asking:  How can the legislature help teachers bring out the best in their students?

As a future member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, I need you to educate me.

  • What are your thoughts or concerns on testing?
  • What are your thoughts or concerns on teacher evaluation?
  • What are your thoughts or concerns on special education?
  • What has the lack of funding meant in your classroom?

Please join me and Greg Clausen, candidate for the Minnesota Senate, on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 from 4:30 to 6:00 at Falcon Ridge Middle School, 12900 Johnny Cake Ridge Rd, Apple Valley, MN

Lecture Room A

Educators Meeting Invitation – September 26, 2012

Mayor Chris Coleman & Representative Erin Murphy Host Event in St. Paul

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A fund raiser was held for Jeff at The Strip Club Restaurant in St. Paul on Monday evening, July 16th.  Guests had the honor of meeting our distinquished hosts and having some great food!

Rosemount Leprechaun Days Parade

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Jeff and friends at the Leprechaun Days Parade on July 28th!  The weather was beautiful and the crowd was big!

July 4th Freedom Days Parade

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Jeff Wilfahrt and supporters walked in the Apple Valley Freedom Days parade along with fellow DFL candidates for office.  Jeff met and spoke with numerous Senate District 57B residents.

Mayor of Sacramento, CA Recognizes Jeff & Lori Wilfahrt

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Jeff and his wife, Lori, recently visited Sacramento, California where they were recognized for their hard work and dedication on behalf of the LGBT community.

As a candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives, Jeff is committed to ensuring equity for all.

Certificate of Recognition from Mayor of Sacramento

Jeff Wilfahrt Files for Election to the Minnesota House of Representatives

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On May 24, 2012 in St. Paul, MN, Jeff Wilfahrt filed with the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office to run for the Minnesota House of Representatives in House District 57B.

Jeff completed the paperwork with the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office confirming his intent to run as the DFL endorsed candidate in 57B for the Minnesota House of Representatives.

“I intend to run an open campaign and work for what’s right for the people of my district.  We need to get people back to work, stand up for fairness and equality and make sure our kids have an equal educational opportunity.”

“Stay between the ditches!”

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“Stay between the ditches!”

“Stay between the ditches” was an admonishment given when leaving the bars of my home town many years ago. Like many ethnic groups the German heritage of New Ulm was rife with adages meant to sum up the road to follow. New Ulm is touted as being one of two pre-planned American cities, the other being New York. In my youth one was never more than three turns from home, at least if you lived in town. Germans like to keep things orderly and methodical that way.

Given the current national and local political climate the old admonition seems appropriate today. On the left side of the road is the ditch called public debt. The right side is the ditch called austerity.

Veer too far right and the ride will end with high unemployment and a plutocratic (rule by the wealthy) society. Conversely if veering too far left the ditch of public debt will mire the society without traction.

The job of government is to keep us between the ditches. To the common citizen as a rider in the vehicle of society there are constant shouts of “turn left” or “turn right” being shouted by the front seat occupants. From the back seat where most of us ride we are whipsawed to and fro. Our necks snapping and heads swaying to the erratic ride we are on.

A new driver is taught to look down road and not attempt to steer over the hood. That advice is meant to teach one how to stay between those ditches. Take the long view of things. Don’t try and make steering decisions foot by foot or yard by yard. The goal after all is to get to the destination safely.

So what is the goal of society? Each rider must of course answer this to their own satisfaction. And at the risk of using too broad a brush it seems there are three fundamentals worth considering; economy, education and equality.

“Food, clothing and shelter” is what old Ray Domeier used to tell me. Those three fundamentals are the economic drive. That means livable wage jobs. Ray’s first job was fire tending a moonshine still in a ravine in Cottonwood Township. He ended his work life with the railroad.
As we enter what Alvin Toffler described as the super industrial age in his book “Future Shock”, the workforce will require advanced education. A high performance education in this dawning age of global economics is the key to a vibrant economy. Our future is tied to the brilliance of our children.

In its foundation this country was formed out of religious persecution in the old world. In order to preserve the personal right of religious expression a bright line was drawn between religion and government. This is the fundamental of protection of rights and ergo equality of all minority stances. Whether we subscribe to a particular belief or not we are intended to defend the right of position for the other minority.
Considering the fall opportunity to select the next driver, remember the admonition, “Stay between the ditches.”

Wilfahrt Campaign Holds Kick Off Celebration

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On April, 20th, Jeff held an official campaign kick off celebration at the beautiful Steeple Center in Rosemount, Minnesota.  One hundred people came to support Jeff in his run for the Minnesota House of Representatives.   Everyone had a great time enjoying live music and good food from R.A. Mac Sammy’s.  

Jeff is off to a running start in winning the seat in 57B.  He’s looking forward to meeting as many more of you as possible as the campaign progresses.

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